Mysore Style Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga is a dynamic, meditative yoga practice, where the control and focus on the breath is synchronised with a flowing and progressive sequence of positions.

Mysore Style Ashtanga Yoga classes offer a warm and encouraging environment to learn, memorise, and practice the Ashtanga Yoga sequences. You practice yoga at your own pace with postures tailored to your specific needs by an experienced teacher. 

In a Mysore Style class, complete beginners practice Ashtanga Yoga alongside seasoned yoga practitioners in a supportive and inspiring environment. This means that each one practices the sequence appropriate for them, learning first a shorter sequence until the teacher observes the right time to add new postures for regular practice. Therefore, when the sequences present more challenging postures your body will have gained the necessary flexibility and strength to practice them safely. The dynamic practice always finishes with a relaxation for 5 or more minutes.

The yoga studio is mainly silent except for the sound of breathing which helps to cultivate mental focus. The flowing yoga practice becomes a moving meditation and a tool for observing and developing a deeper understanding of ourselves

Your teacher is available to answer questions, support and guide you, assisting through verbal instructions, demonstration and gentle adjustments (please tell your teacher at the beginning of class if you prefer not to be adjusted in postures).

Specific one-to-one guidance together with self-practice enables you to develop and deepen your understanding and experience of yoga. Once learned, Mysore Style Ashtanga Yoga can be taken anywhere with you. From your very first class you’ll have something memorised, so if you can’t make it to class or you’re travelling, you can still do your yoga practice.

You can arrive at any time starting between 6:30am and 7.30am and leave as soon as you’ve completed your practice (usually between 45 minutes for beginners and 1.5 hours for more experienced practitioners). You don’t have to arrive precisely at the start time of the class or stay for its duration. The class finishes at 9am (if you would like to practice beyond this time please let us know for possible future class options).

Mysore Style is the traditional way of learning Ashtanga Yoga that was taught and developed by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and continues to be taught by his grandson R. Sharath Jois and R. Saraswathi in Mysore, India.